Order pizza right from your Twitch stream with Hungrybot

Streamers can sell pizza and fans can purchase it with this new chatbot.

When you’re chilling on the couch watching your favorite esports stream on Twitch and hunger hits, pizza is just a few keystrokes away.

Hungrybot is, as the name implies, a bot meant for streamers to run in their Twitch channels to let fans order pizza straight from the chat itself. By allowing viewers quick access to pizza at a discount, it also offers streamers a chance to monetize their streams by earning up to $1 per pizza orders.

Here’s how it works. You’ll type in “!pizza” to order or via whisper, then you’ll be given a choice of which pizzas are currently available at a discount. The example page given by Hungrybot shows off a Domino’s pizza order for 10% off. Once you place your order you’ll complete payment on a separate secure page, and then it’s all said and done. It’s the ultimate in lazy, without even requiring you to migrate over to a pizza chain’s website to order anything.

According to Hungrybot, supposedly fans who order pizza tip streamers more, offers streamers more money, and keeps users more engaged. It seems like you’re robbed of options for pizza, like light sauce or which toppings you want, but if you’re that dedicated to keeping your eyes on the stream or if you’re a streamer yourself and want to make some extra cash, selling pizza isn’t that bad of a way to do it.

Originally posted on Engadget.