Discord StreamKit Integration with Patreon is Now Available

Today, September 12th Patreon will start enabling Discord roles in Patreon rewards!

To use the feature, a Patreon creator needs to go to their creator page settings view and connect their Discord server. They can then add Discord roles (which they’ve created on Discord) to any of the reward tiers they’ve set up on Patreon.

Patrons will then be able to connect their Discord accounts on Patreon and automatically get access to the corresponding roles on Discord!

How Patreon’s integration with Discord works:

Patreon creators will be able to connect to their Discord server in their Patreon page settings

The creators can then add roles (which they’ve created in Discord) to their Patreon reward tiers.

Patrons of creators who’ve enabled Discord rewards will be able to connect their Discord account on Patreon, and then automatically get the reward roles on their Discord account.

Example perks that can be granted by Discord roles

– Ability to view or participate in a particular channel
– Admin privileges
– Ability to use external emojis