Microsoft takes on Twitch with new game streaming tech for Windows 10 and Xbox One

At a Windows Creator event in New York City, the Redmond tech giant debuted new capabilities for Windows 10 and Xbox One that incorporate technology from Beam, the startup Microsoft acquired in August.

Beam lets players stream games from within Windows 10 and Xbox One with just a click of a button on the new “Game Bar.” Microsoft is focusing on creating a seamless experience for interactions between gamers and viewers.

Microsoft is certainly an underdog in the game-streaming space, but this is an interesting move given that it is building streaming capabilities directly within the company’s robust Xbox and Windows platforms.

Twitch unveiled last month its own new games that feature deep integration, signaling Amazon’s continued investment in the gaming industry, as well as its ambitions for new verticals like eSports and live-streaming.

Microsoft also on Wednesday announced custom tournament capabilities on Xbox Live via the Arena platform for gamers using both consoles and PC.