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How To Live Stream Video Games On Twitch And YouTube Gaming At Any Budget

You’ll need a few pieces of hardware to broadcast game streams online.

Video game streaming on sites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming can be a lot of fun, and if you can commit to a regular schedule, it can also be fairly profitable.

Twitch has around 550,000 concurrent viewers at any one time and as of September had about 1.7 million unique broadcasters per month. YouTube launched its service — dubbed YouTube Gaming — on Aug. 26 and also lets you stream from an Android device.

Both services are free to use, and once you meet certain criteria, you can become “Partnered,” which often lets people subscribe to your channel for a fee, a percentage of which goes straight to you. The main thing to remember if you want to make a career out of streaming is that consistency is key to gaining a dedicated viewer base — even if you can only spare two hours twice a week make sure you stick to it.

Not all PCs or laptops can handle streaming; a fast processor will help keep your broadcast smooth and at optimal settings. Once you’re over those hurdles, there are a few more products essential to creating a presentable stream. Check out some of our recommendations below.

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Gaming For Fun And Profit – A Pro’s Guide To Game Streaming

Playing games can be a form of leisure. It can be a way to socialize with friends. It can be a sport. And now, for many, it’s a job. While livestreaming can earn you fame and fortune, it’s difficult to become a big-name streamer. We’ve made it a little easier for you by turning to some established pros for advice on how to turn your game time into a show that people might actually want to watch.

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RULE 1: Make a schedule and keep it

Ross: It’s very important to have a schedule. People need to know when you’ll be on air. You need to make it easy for them. It’s essential in the early days of a streamer’s career that you find a schedule and stick to it. Bonus streams with little notice are a nice treat for your fans. It’s extra content for them to enjoy. Continue reading Gaming For Fun And Profit – A Pro’s Guide To Game Streaming

Live Streaming in 15 Minutes on Twitch


1.Introduction of the thing

We all watch streaming have a great time streaming and we can agree that streaming is fun. So why aren’t you streaming your games yet? It takes less than 15 minutes to start.

2.Value of the thing

Have fun, make friends and some $$$
The only reason for getting into streaming should be to have fun


I am sure you already have an account with Twitch, but if you do not, go Sign UP. Ones you sort that out go get your Stream Key.

twitch-keyTo do that, go to your Dashboard page, click on the Stream Key link and from that new page click on Show Key. You are going to need that key in a few minutes, so keep that tab open for now.

Next, you need to download the Open Broadcaster Software from. Install and start the OBS and go to the Broadcast Settings section and that is where we are going to insert the Stream Key from Twitch. You can ignore the rest of the settings in OBS. We will cover those in our next how-to.

Good job, you got through the hardest part of this tutorial. Right now, you should have your twitch account open in a browser and OBS running at the background. Go to the browser and go to your dashboard. There you will find the “Title this broadcast” section. Enter the game you are about to play and the title of your stream, click “Update”.

add-sceneStart your game and when it is loaded go to OBS to capture the game. Now, right click on the “Scenes” section and add a new scene, I usually use the game name, but you can name that whatever you want.

add-source-game-captureNext, right click on the “Source” section and add a “Game Capture”. Last, confirm that your game is has been selected under “Application”.add-source-game-capture-application

Now all you have to do is click “Start streaming” and you are LIVE!

You are LIVE!

4.Case study of the thing

Succesful streamers…


Get streaming, have fun!

Tell me how you started streaming and who you like about streaming?