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Twitch Plays release model spurs Punch Club to $1m revenue in 10 days

Developer Lazy Bear Games refused to release the PC and iOS title until it was completed via an audience-controlled live stream

Lazy Bear Games’ unusual release model for its latest game may have raised eyebrows, but it also appears to have raised profits.

The Russian studio launched iOS and PC ‘choose your own adventure boxing management tycoon’ title Punch Club at the start of January.

However, there was a catch – the only way to initially play the game was via a live stream on Twitch, with the audience collectively inputting directions via the popular ‘Twitch Plays’ format.

Lazy Bear and publisher Tinybuild refused to release the game elsewhere until the stream finished the game, which it did days later. Punch Club was launched on Steam on January 8th, with an iOS release on January 14th.

10 days after its Steam launch, Lazy Bear has now revealed that Punch Club has achieved more than 100,000 sales across all platforms, to the tune of over $1 million – some of which may be attributed to the title’s quirky roll-out plan.

An Android release is due on January 28th, with a ‘huge’ content update slated for the end of February.

The Hitbox Community Team: Emosbloodshot

A veteran in the gaming community, Aykan aka Emosbloodshot aka Emo is our ambassador for Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

As the Ambassador for the German speaking countries, Aykan helps the Hitbox community whenever they have a question. With several years of experience working with the gaming community, he knows how to help and handle every problem.

In May 2014, he was introduced to Hitbox for the first time through our partner Jimpanse and Emo decided to give Hitbox a chance. In September 2014, he joined our family as an ambassador for Germany/Austria/Switzerland, managing the German speaking Social Media channels like @hitboxliveDE on Twitter and our German Facebook posts and is also lending a helping hand to the German support for our platform.

Aykan can usually be found hanging out in one of our German speaking community members stream, making sure everyone has a great time while watching their favorite broadcaster on Hitbox. Of course he also streams himself, playing games like CS:GO and Battlefield Hardline.

I never thought I could be part of this awesome family and community. Meeting new people every single day, enjoying the streams together with them or having awesome streams with the community by myself. There’s one thing that connects us all: The passion for gaming! It feels great being part of the family and this is what Hitbox is. More than a community, a family!


Twitch is powering up in Australia with staff and a brand new data centre

Australian gamers have long complained that the country’s shoddy Internet is holding them back — especially from accessing international live stream gaming platforms such as Twitch.

While the Australian government bumbles over the rollout of the National Broadband Network, an infrastructure project that’s meant to bring high-speed Internet across the country, Twitch is doing something about it.

On Friday at a town hall meeting at the gaming convention PAX Australia in Melbourne, Twitch announced a number of new initiatives to improve its presence Down Under. They’ll be hiring their first local staff in the form of a community manager, among other roles, but perhaps the most important news to Aussie gamers was that the company has set up a Sydney-based data centre.

At the town hall, Marcus “DJWheat” Graham, director of programming at Twitch, acknowledged Twitch’s quality of service has been extremely lacking for both viewers and those broadcasting their games in the Australia-New Zealand region. It’s been suggested that the latency affecting Twitch, among other issues, was caused by the distances the video streams had to travel to reach Australian computers.

To rectify the problem, Twitch installed the first Australia-based ingest server in Sydney around nine months ago to help broadcasters stream on the platform, DJWheatGraham said. Now they’re also installing a video point of presence in Sydney to improve the viewing experience. Testing has already begun, and it will begin serving traffic in November.

“The other job is working with the [Internet service providers] to improve the Twitch performance in this region,” DJWheat said, “but this is a huge step.”

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“It’s no secret that Internet connectivity is not what people would like it to be here,” Chase, Twitch’s PR Director.

In fact, the lacklustre upload speeds may even affect which games Aussies play.

“I know a lot of partner-broadcasters like to play Minecraft, which I hear is because it’s easier with the Internet out here,” Chase said.

“We really want to support it with new infrastructure, so we’re building out these data centres to really help with the quality of service, viewing and broadcasting.”

It certainly seems like a worthwhile move for Twitch. While he couldn’t share exact numbers, Chase said that Australia is punching above its weight in terms of community growth on Twitch. Globally, the company has more than 100 million unique viewers per month.

“You have a lot of gamers here,” he said. “Video game sales are incredible … since this is such a healthy ecosystem, we want to provide them with the best possible broadcasting experience.”

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Hitbox is growing and welcomes Wargaming on board

Let us reveal great news today: We raised our next growth round to keep the Hitbox upward trend on a steep ascent. Let’s all welcome Wargaming on board!

Today we are elated to announce the successful closing of a $4 million growth round to expand our North American operations and worldwide reach, as well as explore additional software innovations to expand our technological lead. The round was led by Vienna-based VC-firm Speedinvest and also includes leading free-to-play MMO developer and publisher, Wargaming; North Base Media; as well as angel investors. This investment follows a seed round of $1 million from angel investors, which closed in 2014.

“Supporting live streaming for our games and fans has always been a key pillar in our strategy for growing our online presence,”

said Sean Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Wargaming, who will join our board of directors.

“Hitbox allows us to truly make live streaming an extension of Wargaming and our titles through the ability to integrate game data into the broadcast. Gamers will be able to share their experiences easier than ever before and our channels will have the robust infrastructure AAA gaming demands.”

We will reveal more about what cool things we have planned for you guys with this partnership in the near future.

Martin Klimscha, CEO and co-founder of Hitbox adds:

“We are huge fans of Wargaming, and we welcome them as an investor and partner who share our vision of taking video game livestreaming to the next level. Speedinvest has been an extraordinary partner since our initial seed round and this investment strengthens our relationship as we prepare to expand our operations and visibility.”

Oliver Holle, CEO Speedinvest adds:

“Esports is an exploding market and Hitbox is the top contender to win market share from previous monopolist Twitch and others. With Hitbox’s laser focus on the gaming community and its superior technology, we see nothing but growth.”

With this new round of funding, we are focusing on continuing to deliver innovation in both technology and community-building efforts. Watch this space and follow us on Twitter for upcoming announcements.

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YouTube works toward ‘melt my brain’ virtual reality

In his first interview as the video empire’s engineering chief, Matthew Mengerink discusses virtual reality, making money and stepping into the role during trying times for YouTube’s engineers.


Soon after Matthew Mengerink became YouTube’s engineering chief a few weeks back, he got a taste of the virtual reality footage Google has been working on but hasn’t released to the public yet. Continue reading YouTube works toward ‘melt my brain’ virtual reality