Steam takes on Twitch with built-in game streaming

Valve announced today that it is adding support for built-in live streaming to Steam. The feature is going to be called Steam Broadcasting. Gamers will be able to take advantage of this feature to broadcast their gameplay live, as well as view, live gameplay streams of friends or anyone who is broadcasting their gameplay to the public.

Watch your friends play


Now it’s not like Valve has done something completely out of the box. Gamers have had the ability to broadcast their gaming sessions through popular third party services like Twitch and Ustream, but this is the first time that Steam gets a native broadcasting feature.

Only a few browsers are supported by Steam Broadcasting at this point in time, which include Google Chrome, and Apple Safari apart from the Steam client. Since the feature is in beta stage right now players can’t monetize their streams at this point in time, and neither can streams be archived.

The Steam Broadcasting feature comes part and parcel of the Steam beta client. Gamers will have to opt-in to this feature in order to be able to broadcast gameplay. They will need to update their privacy settings to enable broadcasting. Streams will be available for viewing through the community hub.

Visit the Steam Broadcasting page in order to sign up for this feature.