We’ve Updated Our Content Appeals Process

Today, we’re releasing a new way to submit an appeal if you believe one of your videos has been incorrectly flagged by our Audio Recognition system.

The new functionality will initially be available to all members of the Twitch Partner Program and non-partner broadcasters whose videos are in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) format, which is roughly 25% of non-partner broadcasters. We are in the process of storing all newly created VODs in HLS format rather than Flash Video (FLV) format. (How can you tell if your videos are in HLS or FLV? Check the VOD URL. HLS VODs will have /v/ in the URL; FLV will have /b/.)

For those broadcasters not included in the introductory rollout, the Audio Recognition appeal process will function as it currently does today. All broadcasters will still be able to appeal a muted VOD regardless of format.


One major addition to the appeals process is the upfront education around what can and cannot be appealed, which is based on common content appeals to date. We want to make sure our broadcasters are educated as to what kind of audio is allowed/not allowed and what you should appeal.

For now, here’s a sneak peek at how the new Audio Recognition appeal process will work. When you think your VOD has been incorrectly flagged:

1. Click on the video you’d like to appeal. Videos with muted audio have a red muted speaker icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

Click on the video you'd like to appeal.
2. Find the audio track(s) you would like to appeal.

Find the audio track(s) you'd like to appeal.
3. Choose the reason for the appeal.

Choose the reason for the appeal.
4. Confirm the audio you’ve selected to appeal.

Confirm the audio you've selected to appeal.
5. Attest that you have the right to use the flagged audio and submit.

Attest that you have the right to use the flagged audio and submit.
6. Check your submission.

Check your submission.
You can check the status of your appeal by clicking on the appealed video where you will see either Unmuted or Denied. When your video has been reviewed, you’ll receive an email with the outcome of your appeal.

Email status update.
If you already have a muted video in appeal, you should not submit a new appeal. We will respond to your original appeal (and all appeals) in the order in which it was received.

Stay tuned for updates as we roll this new process out to everyone over the coming months.

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