Justin Kan Tells Three Stories About The Early Justin.TV Days

When you start a company or even a streaming channel, things might not always work out the way you thought they should. Justin Kan wrote a Three Stories article on his blog about how things did not go as planned in the early Justin.TV days:

There was no uber, instacart or postmates back then, so we went with the original on demand service: pizza delivery. Michael started calling up pizza places in Tahoe. The conversation went something like this:


“Hi. Can you send a driver to [Kyle’s address] and deliver a message?”

“What kind of pizza do you want?”

“We don’t want any pizza. Can you send someone to that address?”

“You need to order a pizza.”

“Ok, we’ll pay for a pizza, can you send someone to that address now?”

“What kind of pizza?”

“I don’t know, a large cheese”

“Ok, it will take 15-20 minutes to cook”

“!! Don’t wait for the pizza. Just charge us and send someone now.”

“You sure you don’t want the pizza?”


“Ok, it will be $22.90, ok?”


“Ok, what message do you want me to send?”

“The website is down.”

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