‘Watch Dogs 2’ Free DLC To Be Released By Twitch; Amazon To Give 20 Percent Discount On Game Pre-Orders

“Watch Dogs 2” hasn’t arrived yet, but a free in-game content will be given away by Amazon’s Twitch Prime. Twitch announced the free DLC that they will be pulling out this November and “Watch Dogs 2” is included.

The PC Gamer confirmed that Twitch Prime will be sending out free in-game Twitch hoodies for Marcus Holloway of the “Watch Dogs 2” video game. Players need to have an account on Twitch will have access to the exclusive purple hoodie jacket with a Twitch logo in front, which will be available at the release date as per the PC GamesN reported.

Twitch has prepared a lot of DLC contents for all the fans of “Watch Dogs 2” since there are more to offer. Twitch Prime members will also have an extra XP boost between November 7th and December 12th. This would be a good news for players to easily unlock the skills and talents of Marcus Halloway.

Twitch is not done yet. Pixel-art theme will also be present on the “Watch Dogs 2” DLC. These designs can be installed in clothing, all types of vehicles, special drones and even in weapons. Custom packs such as Guts, Grit and Liberty will be included along with two new skin packs.

That’s not all! Twitch is very kind to add a 20% discount to all players who have purchased via pre-order of the physical copy of “Watch Dogs 2” Playstation 4 and Xbox One version. The Cinema Blend confirmed that the discount is applicable to those who bought the game from Amazon.

On the other hand, the survival game “This of War Mine” Anniversary Edition will have three additional in-game locations. This great game received a high score from several game critics and can be bought for just $5 via Steam.

All these great gifts from Twitch will be accessible by November. It has been said by The Tech 52 that there is still no confirmation yet if the ‘Watch Dogs 2’ DLC will only be on Windows PC.