Expanding Revenue Share to All Live Streamers on Hitbox!

Welcome to the new Partner Program on Hitbox – open for everyone!  Revenue Share to all live streamers on Hitbox, effective 7/31/2015.

What does this mean exactly?

All registered broadcasters on Hitbox can participate in revenue sharing through video advertisements and viewer subscriptions.

While Twitch and other live streaming platforms currently offer revenue sharing only to a very small fraction of their broadcasters who must maintain minimum viewership numbers, we are erasing that requirement on Hitbox.

“There is so much varied and exciting content streamed live on Hitbox every day. For those broadcasters who are growing a smaller audience or choose unique, lesser known titles over the eSports giants, we wanted our platform to be just as fair and rewarding.” – Martin Klimscha, CEO and co-founder of Hitbox

Up until now, smaller broadcasters haven’t been eligible to benefit from the content they create, but we’ve decided to reward all of our streamers as we grow, which we hope will enable them to grow along with us.

Sub-Emotes for everyone!

As a standard partnered streamer you will get access to more tools to grow your community: custom chat-emotes & badges for your subscribers as well as exclusive subscriber-only giveaways, chat and polls. These enhancements allow you to reward loyal viewers and grow your fanbase.  For viewers, this is an opportunity to show their appreciation and support their favorite broadcasters.

View our updated Help Section for further details, and the differences between the different kinds of partnership models we offer here at Hitbox.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are, go and set up your account to get your very own sub button right now! If you have any questions, the support and community teams are here to help.

via Hitbox