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The Hitbox Community Team: Emosbloodshot

A veteran in the gaming community, Aykan aka Emosbloodshot aka Emo is our ambassador for Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

As the Ambassador for the German speaking countries, Aykan helps the Hitbox community whenever they have a question. With several years of experience working with the gaming community, he knows how to help and handle every problem.

In May 2014, he was introduced to Hitbox for the first time through our partner Jimpanse and Emo decided to give Hitbox a chance. In September 2014, he joined our family as an ambassador for Germany/Austria/Switzerland, managing the German speaking Social Media channels like @hitboxliveDE on Twitter and our German Facebook posts and is also lending a helping hand to the German support for our platform.

Aykan can usually be found hanging out in one of our German speaking community members stream, making sure everyone has a great time while watching their favorite broadcaster on Hitbox. Of course he also streams himself, playing games like CS:GO and Battlefield Hardline.

I never thought I could be part of this awesome family and community. Meeting new people every single day, enjoying the streams together with them or having awesome streams with the community by myself. There’s one thing that connects us all: The passion for gaming! It feels great being part of the family and this is what Hitbox is. More than a community, a family!

Facebook: facebook.com/Emosbloodshot
Twitter: twitter.com/htbxEmo
hitbox: hitbox.tv/Emosbloodshot

You can now message your Twitch buddies privately on iOS

After testing its private messaging feature Whispers on Android, Twitch has finally made it available on iOS as well.

The feature works by letting you send messages to your friends on Twitch, even if they’re watching different streams than you. To start a conversation, you just type /w and your friend’s username in the chat box and it will create a message box that only you and your friend can see.

Twitch Whispers is still an evolving project, so the company has asked anyone who uses it to send a feedback report.

All you need to do to access Whispers is update the app on your iPhone or iPad.


Originally posted on thenextweb

Twitch Beats Dark Souls’ Hardest Boss: Ornstein and Smough

It took the Internet 28 days, eight hours, seven minutes, and 14 seconds to beat the game’s nastiest pairing.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls received lots of attention when it first started, as morbidly curious onlookers watched thousands try to collectively play one of gaming’s most notorious challenges. The key word is “try” because Twitch Plays Dark Souls was, at first, not going anywhere. They stumbled into the first boss room once or twice, but that was about it. Eventually, the group decided the only way to move forward was by modifying the game (some might call that cheating) by forcing the game to briefly pause and give chat a moment to input the right action. In essence, they turnedDark Souls into a turn-based game.

Whatever you think of the move, it’s what allowed Twitch Plays Dark Soulsto keep going. If this hadn’t happened, there’s a good chance it would have died on the vine, a handful of people still trying to figure out how to climb a ladder.

But in the weeks since, Twitch Plays Dark Souls has been marching through From Software’s classic. They beat the Asylum Demon. Later, more impressively, the Belfry Gargoyles were defeated, and the first bell was rung.

The real challenge for Twitch Plays Dark Souls was always going to be Ornstein and Smough, though. It’s one of the few times Dark Souls throwstwo bosses at you, and it’s a moment that’s broken many a Dark Souls fan. One of them is fast, the other is slow. One can pluck away at your health, the other can stomp you into dust. It’s a potent and difficult combo even when you’re fully in control of the character, and there’s a reason it’s the spot many people give up on.

But even with the world betting against them, Twitch Plays Dark Soulspersevered, as they managed to defeat Ornstein and Smough last night. It didn’t happen on their first try, obviously. Hours and hours were spent trying to slay the beasts before they were able to put together the right set of strategies.

But they did it, which is something not every Dark Souls player can say.

Folks have been editing real-time versions of the fights as the playthrough goes along, so rather than having to suffer through all the pauses, take a look at this:

If they can beat Orstein and Smough, I’m not sure what’s stopping Twitch Plays Dark Souls from finishing the game. Bed of Chaos requires some precision jumping (or happy accidents), so that might prove a problem, and the Four Kings are a handful. That said, in a few weeks, I expect them to see the credits.

DJ Wheat Talks e-sports with CNN

DJ Wheat spoke to Kristie Lu Stout from CNN about the state of e-sports and how the industry continues to rapidly grow. One topic they discussed was DOTA 2’s ‘The International’ tournament as the prize pool is over $18+ million. The embedded video wasn’t available, so click the link below to be directly taken to the page.

Expanding Revenue Share to All Live Streamers on Hitbox!

Welcome to the new Partner Program on Hitbox – open for everyone!  Revenue Share to all live streamers on Hitbox, effective 7/31/2015.

What does this mean exactly?

All registered broadcasters on Hitbox can participate in revenue sharing through video advertisements and viewer subscriptions. Continue reading Expanding Revenue Share to All Live Streamers on Hitbox!