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A Better Way for Streamers to Earn Ad Revenue

Twitch announced its plans to begin selling video ads in its partners’ live streams which can’t be blocked by third-party ad blockers. These ads will roll out this week and will be delivered through Twitch’s new SureStream video technology platform, which also offers smoother and more reliable streams, including ads.

The goal is to offer broadcasters a better experience than third-party ad networks could provide, which Twitch says cause technical issues due to the way they insert ads from external sources. But obviously, the larger goal here is to bring more of those potential advertising dollars in-house, so Twitch can profit by hosting its ads natively. Continue reading A Better Way for Streamers to Earn Ad Revenue

Twitch will play a man in the woods for three days

Remember Twitch Plays Pokémon from last year? That’s okay, neither does anyone else (Kappa). That won’t stop advertising agencies from trying to capitalise on a year-old, played out Internet phenomenon though!

TechCrunch has reported that Procter & Gamble is working with Twitch to launch “The Old Spice Nature Adventure.” For three days, starting April 16, Twitch users will be able to control a real man in a real forest full of joke traps, all by screaming commands into the chat. The “adventure” is going to get pretty weird, the campaign’s said to feature talking trees, and much more importantly arm wrestling with a bear. A fake bear, but a bear nonetheless.